Winter Journey 0+

(Winterreise), Hans Steinbichler, NĚM - RAK 2006, German version / English subtitles / simultaneously translated into Czech, 98 min

Franz Brenninger runs his own ironware-trade, lives in a nice home together with his wife Martha, has two grown kids. But the impulsive Brenninger rubs everyone the wrong way. He gets involved in a supposed lucrative deal with Kenya. After a while he recognizes that the whole thing is a rip off, the money lost. Absolutely determined to get his money back, he and Leyla – as his interpreter – go to Nairobi. Brenninger has now nothing left to lose. In the shimmering, colorful world of Eastern Africa we suddenly find a totally different, actually fascinating Brenninger.

Another screening:
6. 10. Friday / 22.30 cinema AERO


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