Winter Sports Film Festival in Prague 0+

(Filmový festival zimních sportů v Praze), Zimní festival, CZ 2012, various / Czech translation, 300 min

Feature band of top films about extreme skiing, winter climbing, snowboarding, snow-kiting and other winter pleasures. Movies are mostly selected from the winning films from international film festivals. Film screenings will be divided into two projecting blocks (2x100min). As a guest will perform HOLEČEK MAREK who will prepare slideshow of the last expeditions in Karakoram - \"Saturday never comes.\" The whole evening will be accompanied by film stunt woman HANKA DVORSKA.

The tickets are available at the box office without any reservation.

17:00 Afternoon block / 120 CZK
19:15 Evening Block / 160 CZK
The ticket for the whole day for 210 CZK.


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