Witch of Zugarramurdi 0+

(Las brujas de Zugarramurdi), Álex de la Iglesia, 2013, Spanish version / English and Czech subtitles, 112 min
Witch of Zugarramurdi

One of the craziest comedies you can ever imagine. It combines typical Spanish humor, morbidity, satire on the clichés of Spanish machismo and ironic view of the separatist tendency in some areas. The plot revolves around peripheries of a group of friends who decide to implement rather unusual assault. José is old divorced having an alternating custody of the son Sergio. Day robbery falls just on their day together. Tony worked as PR for disco with suspiciously called The Sperm, but now he is unemployed. Taxi driver Manuel suffers from a number of neuroses and admires the famous journalist Iker Jiménez. After the robbery they decide to escape to France thus Sergio could visit Disneyland. However, his mother considered this trip for kidnapping and even the police will not remain passive. By coincidence thieves must stop at the village Zugarramurdi, where in the 16th century were discovered the community of 40 witches. A number of them in expectation of arrival of the mother of all witches performed black magic until now ...


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