Women bone roses...+ AmsterTrip 0+

(Žena, růže, píseň, kost...+ AmsterTrip ), 0000, 0 min
Women bone roses...+ AmsterTrip

Women bone roses...
Women know how to love, compete against and betray one another, but they can also support each other. Veronika spends one sunny summer day in the company of such women. During one afternoon she is surronded by her mother, dauther, best friend, best friend´s dauther and one unexpected guest. Will she be abel to deal with stress and enjoy the beautiful day whith those that are closes to her?

Amster trip
The film tells the story of a boy named Peter, who immediately after graduation was sent by his hard-behaved, vigorous father to a training course \"In the Footsteps of the Third Reich.\" Peter, however, prepare an ingenious plan (board) to lie to his father and sets off with his friend Zdenek enjoy a week in Amsterdam. During their stay, which they greatly succeeded, however, his friend Zdenek learns that he will be a father, but just when the boys try hallucinogenic, but legal in the Netherlands sponge. At that time, everything goes wrong unexpectedly.


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