Women Day of Jan Burian 0+

(Burianův den žen), Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda, Robo Kirchhof, ČR 2007, Czech version, 78 min
Women Day of Jan Burian

Together with a famous musician and publicist, we will look into the souls and lives of three uncommon women. In the first profile we will meet Žaneta Rosenberg, a porn-producer, a director and at the time of the filming also an expectant mother. The second picture will introduce a singer of the light of the heart, as Jana Uriel Kratochvílová calls herself. The last portrait will bring us into the world of Eliška Bučková, the Czech Miss 2008.

Žaneta Rosenberg, a porn-producer, director, occasional porn-actor and at the time of the shooting an expectant mother, spends the filming-day with Jan Burian. Together they will look into the photographic studio in the house, where at the moment the materials for the cover-art of the film are being prepared. They will also visit Žaneta's parents, who gradually had to come to terms with their daughter's profession.

In the second half of the 1970's and in the beginning of the 1980's, Jana Kratochvílová was among the most distinct and popular figures of the Czechoslovak rock- and pop-scene. Her unbridled, expressive style, similar to the one of the legendary Janis Joplin's, brought her then the nickname "Jane Janis Shortwhile", considerable popularity but also increasing difficulties and problems. In 1983, these issues resulted in her emigration to England. She has lived there until these days and now she came to the Czech Republic after several years. At the airport she was expected by Jan Burian with his film unit and they hardly had a chance to overlook the singer. Her head decorated with plastic Viking-horns, the face shaded with a futurist veil, tight black suit that jingles with hundreds of sparkly pendants. Is it a play, is it a pose? What does Jana Kratochvílová try to hide from behind her mask? One of the most difficult interviews is awaiting the moderator – with a woman who calls herself a singer of the light of the heart.

Eliška Bučková is a modest girl from Strážnice. She was sent up to Czech Miss 2008 by her father, an enterpriser in the sphere of interior decorations, and by her mother, who is a trained dental laboratory technician, now a homemaker. Her parents are both practising Catholics; their daughter Eliška is also a believer and goes to church regularly. The 18-year-old student, who won in the competition even more prizes, is on the threshold to the world of show business. Before her is a year full of duties that go along with the title of the most beautiful woman of the year. How is it going to change her? What does she think of it now? Is she ready to solve the issue of faith and temptation?

The partner of the screening is International documentary film festival Jihlava.


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