Women in Temptation 0+

(Ženy v pokušení), Jiří Vejdělek , CZ 2010, Czech version, 118 min

Forty-year-old Helena, a distinguished expert on marital problems, discovers she is in precisely the type of situation she counsels her patients on. Her loving and beloved husband is caught in flagrant relationship with a younger woman, and Helena soon stands on the threshold of a whole new life. Her 20-year-old daughter Laura wants to support her mother, but she is also facing the challenges of her first true love. Much to Helena’s dismay, her mother Vilma, a retired actress who applies a peculiar “school of life” to all situations, also offers a helping hand. The eccentric lady has a guaranteed recipe: replace the scoundrel with a gentleman. It seems impossible, but to both Helena and Laura’s surprise, there still are men worthy of rushing headlong into romantic adventures with. These three very different women discover how similar they actually are, and if something needs solving, it calls for detachment, humor and not losing one’s head or hope.

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