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Since 1982 the interfilm Berlin has organised the Berlin International Short Film Festival as well as the interfilm Short Film Distribution, the company renting out its portfolio of about 300 short films to cinemas, television stations, cultural institutions and via the Internet platforms, bringing the short film format to a broad audience. They are shown in public spaces on the underground trains, in waiting rooms, and on “mobile entertainment”.
Since 1982 the Berlin International Short Film Festival has established itself as one of the most recognised short film festivals in Europe. It has a long history of experience and ever-expanding contacts in the international cultural and short film sectors.
Every year the festival presents about 400 to 500 selected films in a number of different thematic programmes, that include children´s films, documentaries, also music videos, advertisements, computer games, historical films and retrospectives. Furthermore, interfilm Berlin initiated and co-presents an annual short film festival in the Berlin Underground called Going Underground in which the films can be viewed on monitors in train carriages. And it is also a partner of the biannual Zebra Poetry Short Film Festival.
This year 22nd International short film festival Berlin presented more than 400 short films of various forms and genres. You are invited to get acquainted with this year´s selection.

Video 3000 (Video 3000)
Spin: Is God a DJ? (Spin: Is God a DJ?)
Fetch (Fetch)
The Clap (The Clap)
Teddy (Teddy)
Revolution (Revolution)
The Fallen Angel (La Chute de l´Ange)
Disturbed (Disturbio)
A Perfect Red Snapper Dish (Wan-byuck-han Do-mi-yo-ri)
Marriage (Marriage)


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