World Traveller Adventures – Mongolian Expedisound 0+

(World Traveller Adventures – Mongolia Expedisound), Laurent Lemonnier, FR 2008, French, English / Czech subtitles, 90 min

In 2006, we introduced the vibrant adventures of DJ's looking for the "authentic rhythm" on the Black continent in connection to "African Expedisound". The same year, these modern nomads set off for their next journey from France across Europe, Russia, Siberia to Mongolia, where they attempted to listen to and understand Mongolian people, and mainly to connect their own music with the local culture. Unlike other documentaries, "Mongolia Expedisound 2006", again captured into the form of a film, preserves its catching spontaneity. It shows the free-mindedness of the travelers, their struggle with the difficult journey, visa and narrow-minded regimes, and in the end their victorious meeting with Mongolian children. There will be also meeting with Fanck Gavot, a participant of the expedition and a member of association, “Watch Your back", which shielded the whole expedition.

Franck Gavot, a member of the expedition, will make a personal appearance at the screening! A discussion will follow.


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