Worldstar 0+

Nataša von Kopp, D 2007, German version / Czech subtitles, 72 min

A film about an old man with no needs and a remarkable past, facing the hype as an artist against his will.

Miroslav Tichý lived like a hermit for decades in a small surrounded just by a few friends. Now in his old age he has to face the fame. “They should have come earlier, now it’s too late.” he says. In the art world, meanwhile, he is presented
as a fighter against the communist regime. The photographs are being sold for up to 12 000 Euro. In 2004 I came across an exhibition catalogue. One page was dedicated to Miroslav Tichý. He and his work were exceptional. I became curious and contacted the editor of this catalogue, Roman Buxbaum. He knew Mr. Tichý and they seemed to be best friends. Two weeks later I was standing in Miroslav Tichýs house and said: “Many greetings from Mr. Buxbaum.”. I was shocked to hear the wildest combination of rude words. That’s where it all started.

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