Would You Have Sex With A Stranger? 0+

various, various 2012, English version / Czech subtitles, 93 min
Would You Have Sex With A Stranger?

German elderly gentlemen demonstrate their way of spending free time in leather and using special BDSM toys, San Francisco bears introduce the multi-colored scene of the masculine furry community, Oscar Wilde’s tombstone gets its last kiss, the farmer Knut finds courage to live like the woman, he always felt he was, HIV-positive men talk about the maze of internet dating and the artist Paul Knight is asking Londoners on the street, whether they would have sex with a stranger. Short nonfiction selection of Queer Film Festival Mezipatra.

A Farmer's Desire
The Bears of San Francisco
Last Kiss
The Devotion Project: More Than Ever

The screening is in partnership with Queer Film Festival Mezipatra.


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