Wrinkles 0+

(Arrugas), Ignacio Ferreras, E 2011, 90 min

Old age is often regarded as the twilight of life, as something gloomy that we should dread. The animated film Wrinkles tries to change this perception by showing aging in a different light. The story of Emilio and Miguel, who meet in a retirement home, uncovers many taboos, but presents them with ease, dignity, and wit. This tragicomic story about old age is directed by Ignacio Ferreras and is based on the eponymous comic book by Paco Roca. It confirms the old truth that only in times of crisis do you realize who your true friends are, friends you may not even know existed.

Awards: Goya Awards 2012: Best Animation, Best Adaptation; Anima 2012: Audience Award; Cartoon Movie 2012: Best European Production; Cinespagnol Nantes FF 2012: Best Debut; IFF Stuttgart 2012: Best Animation and others

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