Wrong Cops 0+

Quentin Dupieux, USA 2013, English version / Czech subtitles, 83 min

Some movies you feel through your head or the heart, but there are films you need to feel through different organs. In the case of the third feature from the French director Quentin Dupieux (a.k.a. Mr. Oizo) you just need to absorb it through the lower regions. Wrong Cops follows a group of L.A.P.D. officers as they sleazily betray the public trust doing weird, moronic and absurd things all at the same time. Leading the show is Mark Burnham as the gruff, drug-dealing officer Duke but watch out for Marilyn Manson as a shy teenager (!) as well. Admittedly, Wrong Cops might be the perfect film to zone out to while smoking weed out of a dead Rattus norvegicus, but dude, that’s just plain wrong.

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