WTF 0+

(N'importe Qui), Raphaël Frydman, F 2014, French, 81 min

More than ten years Remi Gaillard perfmors various boloneys and therefore gained the international fame. It is a star - funny, outrageous, French Borat with 4.1 trillion views. The reality is different. In 38 years, still living in his small apartment paid from state benefits and over and over again he is listening complaints of his girlfriend that he should become successful. As his friends already have work and family, he wants to change his life. Finally he marries his pregnant girlfriend, move to a small house in the suburbs and her dad offers him a stable job. Temptation is everywhere, but he resists because he had promised it to his wife. But one day, his biggest fan, 16-year-old boy who admires him still tries to imitate one of his jokes and crawls along the road dressed up as a snail. Remi gives him a promise in a hospital room...but he knows the best than anyone that make oneself become someone needs to do EVERYTHING. And to do anything, he will have to convince his former colleague to bring his old group together and to strike more than ever before.

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