Loafing and camouflage: sirens in the Aegean 0+

(Loufa kai parallagi: sirines sto egeo), Nicos Perakis, GR 2006, Greek version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 115 min

This army satire follows a small group of Greek soldiers on the island of Kos. They are to spend several days guarding a small island named Pitta, and to defend against an alleged Turkish invasion. After their arrival, everything looked normal until a Turkish boat disembarked 4 castaways, sent there for a photo shooting. What do these ‚intruders‘ really want, and what are these beautiful girls, including the niece of one of the Turkish generals, doing with them? Things get more complicated when the Turkish authorities started looking for them. What to do to avoid a possible diplomatic episode? The outcome is the involvement of both countries in the incident, resulting in several comic situations.


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