Helena's Law 12+

(Zákon Helena), Petra Nesvačilová, CZ 2016, Czech version, 78 min
Helena's Law

Young actress and documentary director Petra Nesvacilova, decided in her most recent film to focus on police detective, Helena Kahnova, who, with a colleague, managed to send to prison in the 1990´s several dozen people in the so-called Berdych Gang case – including  Berdych himself. In total, the sentences meted out came to hundreds of years – the policewoman, as an extra work bonus, received 10 000 Czech crowns (roughly 300 GBP) and a promotion which was revoked soon afterwards. In completing the film the director managed to establish a working relationship with Berdych himself and former members of his gang. What motivates a woman police officer to stand up to a mafia and what motivates a young documentary film-maker to make contact with this mafia and shoot a film about them?

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