Entangled 0+

Lidia Duda, PL 2012, Polish version / English and Czech subtitles, 51 min

When his adoptive mother died, his father sent him back to a child care facility, where he was sexually abused. He later demonstrated an inclination to paedophilia. After undergoing partial therapy, he now wishes to live a normal life with the defect. However, it isn’t easy in a small Polish town with such a stigma. He faces everyday attacks. A youth in the area who was abused by him in his childhood hounds him, planning to take justice into his own hands. The young man “protects” others from the “dangerous deviant,” using verbal and physical brutality intended to intimidate him. The roles of victim and culprit switch and the men themselves don’t know on which side they stand. Fate and key events become entwined in a vicious circle. Lidia Duda has created a visually impressive film reinforced by gentle musical accompaniment. Her camera takes us up close to the characters as she films them in their natural environments, where they speak openly about themselves. At the same time, the documentary filmmaker maintains a sensitive distance – for instance, by not filming the protagonists’ faces – though at no cost to the drama inherent in individual moments or the work as a whole.


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