Blackout 0+

Sergei Ursuliak, RUS 2018, Russian / Czech and English Subtitles, 90 min

The screening is part of Serial Killer event, a festival competition of Central and Eastern Europe series. Individual tickets and accreditation for the whole festival can be found HERE

Tickets cannot be purchased at the cinema box office. You can buy them at the festival accreditation center located on the lower ground floor at the entrance to Scala cinema hall.

A Soviet veteran from the Afghan war returns home in the early 1990s, but finds only chaos and decay. At first he joins a combat group made up of former comrades, soldiers broken by the collapse of the Soviet Union, who interpret its fall as an incentive to anarchy. A few years later, we see him stand up against his former friends when robbing a bank car. A drama that gives the today's viewer a chilling Russian look at the emotionally depicted beginning of the 1990s.


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