CANCELLED| Why Don't You Just Die! 0+

(Papa sdochni), Kirill Sokolov, RUS 2018, Russian / English and Czech Subtitles, 95 min

SCREENING CANCELLED due to special circumstances. You can stop by at our box office to collect money for your tickets.

The common belief regarding Russian films is that they are all slow, grey and far too long. In sharp contrast, Kirill Sokolov’s hilariously brutal debut feature Why Don’t You Just Die! is anything but a traditional Russian rumination on crime and punishment. When young bogatyr Matvey knocks on a stranger’s door, a hammer nervously clutched in his other hand, all hell breaks loose. Bones crack, guts spill and blood flows like a busted water main in this smartly constructed and brilliantly executed black comedy, targeting corruption in today’s Russian society and how it eats away at institutions, friends and family. You’ll wince, you’ll chortle, you’ll grimace, but you’ll come out smiling. A pure and undiluted crowd-pleaser. Sorry Mr. Tarkovsky, Russian cinema has a new filmmaker to champion.

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