The Adventures of Taura: Prison Ship Star Slammer | Cancelled 0+

(Star Slammer), Fred Olen Ray, USA 1987, Live Czech Dabing, 87 min

SCREENING CANCELLED due to special circumstances. You can stop by at our box office to collect money for your tickets.

In space no one can hear you dub. We will try to confirm or rebut this statement at the screening of Fred Olen Ray’s essential piece of trash cinema, The Adventures of Taura: Prison Ship a.k.a. Star Slammer. In this picture the maestro went for the bold fusion of the Star Wars saga with the women-in-prison exploitation genre. And as you have probably guessed, as a special feature the film will be dubbed into Czech live on stage by the shockproof gender-bending ensemble cast. So you better start practising your Czech, folks. May the farts be with you!

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