Evolution of name
1928–1935 Bio Dopz
1935–1948 Scala
1948–1968 Moskva
1968–1969 Scala
1969–1991 Moskva
1991–20?? Scala

The cinema, originally called Bio Dopz (short for Society of trade and industrial workers/Družstvo obchodních a průmyslových zaměstnanců), opened on December 28, 1929 and originally held 800 seats. In 1931 the number of seats increased to 1,012, and the name was changed to Bio Scala. Soon after the end of the German occupation in 1945 the cinema was renamed again, this time to Cinema Moscow. After a double interior adaptation the number of seats was reduced to 478. During the 1980s the Moscow Cinema was the most modern cinema in Brno. In the meantime the cinema sound system was upgraded with Dolby Stereo SR. After the Velvet Revolution the cinema was renamed again–back to Scala Cinema. The number of visitors started to decrease because of multiplex cinemas. On December 22, 2011 Kino Scala finished its operating as a city cinema with a morning screening for school kids, and a new cinema operator was needed.

A lease agreement between the City of Brno and Masaryk University was signed for the period of 20 years (until 2033) in spring of 2013. The University intends to use the cinema for lectures, teachings, film screenings, conferences, and academic as well as social events. Two phases of construction work are planned and the first should be finished by autumn of 2013, at the beginning of the new academic year, in time for the ceremony in Scala hall.

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