Map and address

Kino Scala
Moravské náměstí 127/3
602 00 Brno

Box office and tickets

Box office open hours
Moday–Sunday 5pm – 9pm or 1 hour before each screening.

Ticket prices

Entry 140 CZK, 3D screenings 140 CZK (does not apply to special screenings). Discount of 20 CZK for students (ISIC), seniors (Senior pas) and ZTP or ZTP/P for regular screenings. ZTP or ZTP/P accompaniment has entry for free. Regular discounted screenings for seniors on Fridays 80 CZK, screenings in Café Bar Scala 80 CZK. Screenings for parents and their children 80 CZK + workshop after the screening 40 CZK. In programme Junior is admission for children 120 CZK.

Scala Pass

For every regular screening is possible to use credits from your subscribed Scala Pass. More information about its use you will find here.

Provoz baru

Bar opening hours
every day: 2 pm – 1 am

Free wi-fi nonstop.

How to get there?

Tram stop Moravské náměstí:
Tram No. 1, 6
Night bus No. 90, 91, 92, 93

Tram stop Česká
Tram No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11
Bus No. 81, 82


General Inquiries

Box Office
778 448 574 (

Program and Management
Radek Pernica (

Production, screening room
Jan Kárl (

Eva Petláková (

Social networks
Barbora Suchyňová (

Bar service
Dominik Hájek (

MUNI Manager, Rental, Advertisement
Petr Dimitrov (

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