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Applications for Venice International Film Festival








Fulfill your dream and win a stay at the Venice Film Festival! Join the Europa Cinemas challenge and you have a chance! Deadline June 7th!

Europa cinemas, the European Parliament and Giornate degli Autori are looking for 1 film enthusiast from the Czech Republic. They will pay for their trip to Venice and stay at the film festival. They will become part of the jury of Giornate degli Authors, participate in the promotion of the LUX prize - European Parliament film awards, participate in festival screenings and debates with film professionals, write about their experiences and much more. The last but not least, they aquire the best European contacts from the film world.

Scala Cinema as one of the Europa cinemas helps to find this person.

We are looking for 3 candidates who:

  •     are aged 18 - 25 years
  •     they like to write about the film
  •     they speak and write English very well
  •     they are free from September 1 to 13

So, how to proceed? Fill in the application, shoot a selfie video and send everything to by June 7th! Details below.

We at Scale will then select 3 candidates, which we will send to the Europa cinemas headquarters in Paris. There, they select one candidate from each EU country, whom they address and send to their dreams.

Details and specifications of both are here:


Candidates’ application must include:

  • A VIDEO SELFIE in which the candidate explains “what is cinema” for him/her. S/he should start the video saying “Cinema for me is…” and then develop his/her argumentation.

This video will help us to see how the candidate expresses himself/herself in English and his/her ability to “talk” about cinema. High quality and creativity are required!

Please put the link to the Europa Cinemas’ Vimeo channel in order for the candidates to consult previous year’s examples.

Technical requirements:

  • Videos have to be shoot in English,
  • In high resolution (Full HD: 1920x1080 px) and with an excellent audio recording,
  • Duration: 30 seconds,
  • The following information should be visible on the video: Name and country of origin,
  • The videos should be sent to you via Wetransfer.

THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM to be completed in English. All questions must be answered. Incomplete forms can’t be taken into account.

The selected Ambassadors will have to commit themselves to:

  • Be present in Venice before the start of the festival from Tuesday 1st of September to Sunday 13th September 2020 (festival dates: September 2nd  - 12th),
  • Be a jury member for the films competing for the Giornate degli Autori. A festival accreditation (giving priority access to screenings of the Giornate degli Autori) will be provided,
  • Take part in round tables, discussions, masterclasses and workshops focused on improving their communication skills as influencer and social animator so that they could be actively involved in raising the awareness on the new LUX audience award,
  • Contribute to the Europa Cinemas website and social networks,
  • Use the following months after the festival to promote and spread the new LUX Prize - European Audience Film Award using the tools learned in Venice and their own capacity in terms of networking and established web community,
    • Participate in events organized in the frame of the LUX Prize - European Audience Film Award (mainly January-May of the following year).

The European Parliament will cover the costs of accommodation and travel for each participant for the whole duration of the event (13 days) while Europa Cinemas will take care of their per diem and Giornate will take care of the organization and accreditation. The arrival date is expected to be on September 1st and the departure date on Sunday 13th September 2020.

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