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Welcome to our cinema in your home. Because we want to keep meeting you and doing what we enjoy together, we have created My Cinema LIVE for all cinefiles.

Starting 11th May 2020, the ticket sale is moving to GoOut.


How does it work? Choose how much you can spend on a movie ticket. Buy it as if you were buying a movie ticket. If you buy your ticket in advance, we will send you a link to the stream 30 minutes before the broadcast starts. This allows you to fully enjoy the chat before the movie. Advance booking ends at 20:20. If you buy your ticket after 20:00 you will receive an email with a link at least 5 minutes before the screening.


In online cinema, the following schedule applies: You can soak up the cinema atmosphere  as early as 30 minutes before the start of the performance. You can chat through the projection during the projection. After the film, you can discuss the impressions and film experiences. If you do not want to use chat, you can even turn it off.


With our shows we will try to bring the atmosphere of the cinema hall with everything that belongs to it into your home. Introductions, audience reactions, the company of friends, and at the same time you’ll be supporting your favorite cinema in a difficult time. Dress nicely, we look forward to seeing you!

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