Serial Killer Season 2

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Serial Killer Season 2

Serial Killer is the first TV and online series festival in Central and Eastern Europe. It presents the best from the continent, already for the second time this year. We will show you blood, sweat, tears, even laughter, on screen. Then you can party with TV professionals from all across Europe. We want to provide both the public audience and TV professionals with the opportunity to watch the best series and talk about them together. We are searching for new ways of storytelling, unpredictable characters, original stories, and unexpected opportunities. We like stories with social impact, stories that spark controversy, and are interested in what the audiences have to say.

This year we will screen the most interesting series created in times when TV authors reflect what is happening around us. Companies such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon are consistently working outside of the USA and encouraging the rest of the world to be more creative and ambitious. How did the amazing Norwegian creators overcome the proclamation that Scandi noir is dead? The festival will give the creators an opportunity to answer the question themselves. We will screen their crazy comedies, stories explaining entire historical eras, and even those seemingly small ones by uniquely offering the views from so far neglected perspectives. We will also screen a selection of series for a younger audience. Millennials and Generation Z are often spoken about, but rarely deeply. Productions of HBO, Czech Television, and other important local players, along with new online platforms, will also not remain unnoticed. Central and Eastern European countries will have a strong word – they will get a chance to compare their production in competition.

As you can see, we are already working hard on program of the next year of Serial Killer festival. More information will come, and more names and titles will be announced on Cinepass portal or our Facebook page in upcoming months.

Program right here.

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