What a Lovely Day - Mad Max Marathon

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What a Lovely Day - Mad Max Marathon

Four unforgettable films, four spectacularly breathtaking visions, four large-scale myths from a world after the end of civilization and one legendary hero who connects them all. Enjoy the whole series with all its unbound energy, riveting action sequences and fascinating production design condensed into one day and spread across the big screen of cinema Scala.

The Mad Max series has defined the style of post-apocalyptic action movies and has left its mark of burning rubber and gasoline on the whole international pop culture. At the same time the specific films present a disputation on the trends of their time, not just in terms of action cinema. While other filmmakers were trying to copy Max, his author, director and screenwriter George Miller, was constantly reevaluating his hero and pushing him forward into new directions. The same goes also for the narrative boundaries of the genre and also the practical effects and means of action cinema. Miller has crafted four distinctly original takes on the lone warrior trope, but also four different views on the world after the collapse of civilization and the new communities and tribes which arise from the rubble. His ambitious visions came to life thanks to the breath-taking work of stunt masters and action choreographers and also production designers and costume designers, whose work became a formative inspiration for a whole subculture. Instead of one continuing story, the series fascinates as four incredible and original explorations of heroism, post apocalypse, the struggle between hope and despair, but also of strong female characters and even the core reasons why men fight and what for?

16.00 Mad Max
18.00 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
20.30 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
23.00 Mad Max: Fury Road

320 czk for the whole marathon here. Or 130 czk per movie.

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