Ticket prices

Entry 140 CZK, 3D screenings 140 CZK (does not apply to special screenings). Discount of 20 CZK for students (valid ISIC), seniors (Senior pas) and ZTP or ZTP/P for regular screenings. ZTP or ZTP/P accompaniment has entry for free. Regular discounted screenings for seniors on Fridays 80 CZK, screenings in Café Bar Scala 80 CZK. Screenings for parents and their children 80 CZK + workshop after the screening 40 CZK. In programme Junior is admission for children 120 CZK. Tickets cannot be bought for specific seats, you may sit wherever you want (does not apply to special screenings).

Subscription / Cinema Pass

Cinema Pass as a present or subscription for cinemagoers. More info here. Cannot be used to purchase summer cinema tickets.

Box office

The box office is opened from 5pm to 9pm or at least 60 mins before each screening.

Online purchase

If you wish to buy tickets to Scala online, please click on the screening time or price icon and complete the purchase. You can find all screenings for the selected movie by clicking on the movie title.

Operating Rules

Operating Rules of Cinema Scala are available here

3D screenings rules

↱ You need a 3D glasses for watching a film in 3D.
↱ 3D glasses in an original and undamaged packaging are on sale in Scala for 30 CZK.
↱ 3D glasses you buy in Scala belong to you and you may take them home with you. You can use them in Scala again. 3D glasses bought in Scala will function also in other cinemas equipped with DepthQ system.
↱ If you are using regular seeing glasses, put the 3D glasses onto your regular seeing glasses.
↱ In case of any physical or mental discomfort we recommend to take off the 3D glasses and rest for a while.
↱ It is not possible to watch a 3D film without 3D glasses.
↱ We recommend to watch a 3D film from front rows.

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