23 September - 23 November 2020


An international poster event organised by Jan Rajlich Jr. and the Brno Biennial Association will show 100 original posters created following an invitation to a hundred designers from 30 countries around the world as homage to the founder of the International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno, the painter and graphic artist Jan Rajlich Sr. (1920-2016).

The event takes place under the auspices of the ICO-D International Council of Design in Montreal, Bohumil Šimek, governor of the South-Moravian Region and JUDr. Markéta Vaňková, mayor of the City of Brno.

The exhibition is part of the Moravian Gallery's project RAJLICH 100 and is incorporated in the series of exhibitions by the Brno Biennial Association entitled Brno - the Capital of Graphic Design (No. 73).

Organiser: SBB / Brno Biennial Association /

Co-organiser of the exhibition: Moravian Gallery in Brno

The author of the exhibition, Jan Rajlich Jr., based the brief for the invited designers on the fact that Jan Rajlich Sr. was famous around the world as:

- a designer of posters, typographer, pioneer of corporate design and information graphics in the Czech Republic
- founder of the International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno and for 30 years president of the Organisational Committee (1963-1992)
- a writer, teacher and organiser of cultural life
- someone who strove to merge design and art in his work
- someone who promoted the design of visual communication and its respect in society

The exhibition of 100 original posters to honour the centenary of the birth of the painter and graphic artist Jan Rajlich Sr., the founder of the Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno, will present original posters created specifically for this event by 100 invited artists from 30 countries around the world. They include a number of icons of graphic design and poster art from the Czech Republic and the world.

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