KÁJA SAUDEK - Movie Posters

KÁJA SAUDEK - Movie Posters

20 May - 20 August 2020

20.5. - 20.8. 2020

Kája Saudek (1935) is the most important Czech comic book creator, the founder of a typical "Saudkov" comic book school and at the same time the only personality in domestic comics whose fame transcended the borders of the Czech Republic (respectively Czechoslovakia).

In his own words, he is directly taken away by the comics - he learned to read the stories of Cat Felix, after which he fell into Disney characters and after the war he discovered classic American superheroes such as Captain America or Wild Cat. Shortly afterwards, he and his brother Jan began drawing his first comics for a class magazine. These early attempts stopped with the end of primary school, after which Kája Saudek was not allowed to continue his studies for political reasons. He started making a living as a technical draftsman and later went to work as a backstage at Barrandov, where he worked his way up to the position of assistant architect. At that time, his drawer was still filled with individual pictures and torsos of cartoons, but there was no thought of publishing such comics in the 50s and early 60s.

The breakthrough came in 1966, when Miloš Macourek invited him to collaborate on the film Who Wants to Kill Jessie? Saudek artistically created subtitles and a poster (both in the spirit of his favorite genre) and created several pages of fictional comics for the film about the hunt for antigravity gloves.

   The most fruitful period of Saudek's poster work (as well as his comic book work) ends in 1971, when he was forbidden to publish in public. This ban was actually liquidating. Despite the later relaxation of the ban, Saudek was no longer free to create posters. Proposals for various fonts passed through the approvers, less brilliant creative comic drawing, the communists were unable to spend it. The final versions of the poster often completely suppress the author's handwriting when they contain a printed font and a photo from the film. However, the regime's repression did not deprive Saudek of the recognition he is increasingly receiving abroad. His comic book work is highly valued and there is also great interest in his film posters among collectors.

Kája Saudek died in 2015.

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