Karel Vaca - Movie Posters

Karel Vaca - Movie Posters

17 October - 31 December 2019

/100th Anniversary Exhibition/

University Cinema Scala - 17.10. - 31.12

Born July 21, 1919 in Prostejov, died March 31, 1989 in Prague.

Painter, graphic artist, illustrator and stage designer. He studied at the Rotter School of Advertising Graphics in Prague (1937-1938) and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1945-1950; Emil Filla). He has been exhibiting collectively since 1941, independently since 1948. After his studies, he was briefly employed as a corporate designer at Prvoděv Prostějov. Member of the Trasa group (since 1959). He created 70 stage sets together with costumes. He was also known for book making and caricature. He created 130 illustration files and book covers.

He was one of the most distinctive Czechoslovak afishists. Since 1958 he has worked with the Central Film Rental Prague, for which he created more than 300 posters by 1988. He was a long-time member of selection poster commissions. As an uncompromising advocate of art posters he made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Czechoslovak poster school. With his help, many leading artists and a number of young, talented artists were given the opportunity to work in this field. Together with his classmate Milan Grygar, Zdeněk Ziegler and Karel Teissig, he formed an absolute top of artists devoted to designing film posters.

Award-winning film posters: 1964 second prize at the Karlovy Vary IFF (Sweet Life and the Defendant); 1977 The Hollywood Reporter Special Award (White Odyssey); 1980 Grand Prix at the Chicago IFF (Grand Prix Race); 1982 Third Hollywood Reporter (Don't Call Me Major!); 1984 Silver Medal at the Chicago IFF (Dust in the Dust); 1988 Honorable Mention “The Most Beautiful Poster of the Year” (The Great Movie Robbery).



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